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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Royal Toast

With all her glitter as a Queen
Highly disciplined softly mean
To Lord it over with a sting
Just to extol the royal ring

Here a President lifts his glass
From roots so humble from the mass
His rise to greatness all agree
Will contrast well with royalty

The toast is on the music plays
Long live the Queen the Kingdom sways
Start not too soon this noble toast
Echoed clearly from coast to coast

Distraught is she this mortal Queen
That one would tease this stern staged scene
No one starts til the music ends
This a ritual no one bends

For Kings and Queens curtsy or bow
For elected Heads tell them how
Powerful toasts enhance esteem
Free from strictures that may demean

Friday, January 28, 2011

Torn Tears in Tucson--Guns and Congress

Likely a lobbyist pro gun
Easily placed with any one
Perhaps some youth mad at the world
Filled with frustration yet unfurled
Taunted by life long to resent
Quick to destroy an innocent

Two hundred million guns around
Sport guns killer guns do not frown
Congress responds to self protect
Carry a gun free from suspect
Second Amendment impacts rules
PAC money theirs guns their jewels

Scatter the sadness spread the fear
Kill maim disturb don't shed a tear
Guns don't kill some stoutly proclaim
Inanimate things know no shame
With crazies loose throughout the land
Guns are favored to countermand

Defend all arms declare your right
Talk Show programs endorse your might
A Nation born let freedom ring
Must not succumb to gunners sting
Must Congress propound Hail the Gun
Is this a nightmare or strange fun

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Spirit of a Poetry Festival

Praise be to the Dodge Festival
With all its pomp and puffery
With all its treasured glory marches
With well worn words worked warily

Here were writers Pulitzer Greats
Very proud and noble they stand
Uncommon are such high judgments
That celebrate this group so grand

The sessions were deep never brief
The poet parade so discreet
We are the best you will hear
We will be known year after year

Yet missing from this festival
Or reference rendered to meet
The current Nobel laureate
And the world's best poet in a seat

Copyright 2004 William M. Kuzmiak 

Christmas 2001

We celebrate your birth my Lord
Yet pain to see our planet cry
The triumphant joy we proclaim
Fades in the sadness of your sigh

We hear the call from mortals all
For life with peace and justice true
Conveyed to each respectfully
Christian Buddhist Muslim and Jew

Still by your precepts we do see
A world of pestilence and scorn
Now Aids a torment terror born
Begs a remedy to be drawn

This loving world so outraged wide
Sharing much grief this Christmastide
Covets our prayers from home and far
To spare our earth from fear and scar

Copyright 2001 William M. Kuzmiak


Doubt not this nation is changing
Kindled by talk shows from the right
The concern one shows for others
Drowns in the essence of this plight
Apparent is a Fascist tilt
By lost extremists in the land
Arrogance and false rectitude
Will find a culture under sand
Long friendships end when trust is breached
When greed and arrogance abound
Privacy when rudely ruffled
Ruptures respected bonds once sound
When trust is lost and friendships die
The wounds of faith bleed tearfully
Belief in others nurtures peace
And hatreds vanish quietly

Copyright 2005 William M. Kuzmiak

Skinhead Conservatives

Skinhead conservatives sharpen your pun
Words more devastating than any gun
Getting the President is so much fun
Ready be for a presidential run

Beck Hannity Limbaugh Crystal Quayle
Rally behind the conservative wail
The time has come you must not pale
Have the President surely fail

Distort pollute devolve then delight
The high office yours without a fight
Talk shows support with money and might
The country ripe for the conservative right

Oh! what a difference you skinheads will make
Easy pick for the conservative take
Divide denude deliberate and fake
Bound each to each by the religious rake

Hear well the wake-up call for each of you
All skinhead conservatives queue on cue
It's not the soreheads the voters will view
Just you and your "crap" full of phew

Copyright 2010 William M. Kuzmiak

The Right Reverend Talk Show Host

When the frock becomes a scabbard
And life's goodness is tainted vile
What impels a talk show vicar
To deprecate the just and smile
His truths are thwarts to twaddle youths
God bless his devilish style

His pedigree puffs are smooth-tongued
Huffed with power names dropped to sear
The wonder is that God and Man
Could generate this pit bull peer
His truths are thwarts to twaddle youths
God bless his devilish jeer

His special reports are sermons
In concert with the right wing beat
Filter a call that's counter-poised
And this show host will not retreat
His truths are thwarts to twaddle youths
God bless his devilish tweet

Take heed of incivility
Could this the gentle padre be
Even an elf would remonstrate
To let a caller ventilate
His truths are thwarts to twaddle youths
God bless his devilish slate

Be fair says he on radio
Uninhibited is his line
The world is but a toy to wind
A play for clowns to mastermind
His truths are thwarts to twaddle youths
God bless his devilish mind

Copyright 1996 William M. Kuzmiak